A New Adventure

i know its been forever and a day...or at least it seems that way. and so much has happened and is happening since my last post...and i could spend all day aplogizing but...i would put off writing another day. which would turn into another month and next thing you know it'd be snowing outside. you get it? so let's just get on with the get on.
20x30 biggest painting to date...excited to do more!
i've benn in Atlanta for almost a month now. i know my plans were to move to Charlotte and i said id never, ever move back to the A...ever again. well i was wrong. and boy am i glad. this has been one of the most exciting, expanding, inspiring months i've had in i don't know how long. and ive been loving every minute of it.
8x12 a pretty big eyed, big haired girl
i have been enjoying old friends and making new ones. over a year ago i set out the intention to meet more like minded people. people like me. and for a girl who thought she was so alone on this planet and would never see an accurate reflection of who she really was....i have been happily proven wrong once again!
8x12 a lovely reminder not to listen to "them"
im so full of ideas and creativity. coming up to the time i decided to move back to atlanta, i realized the things i missed most and wanted back in my life were DISCOVERY, ADVENTURE & EXPLORATION. and i realized i could do that and still be responsible and still be a good mom. so one opportunity presented itself and i lept. then another and i lept again. and then another...well you get it.
my greatest work of art!
im so happy to be feeling more secure and confident in my personal guidance system. it feels good to start to trust myself again. it feels so good to get back to living again. and the world has been so welcoming and im welcoming it again. so you understand why i've been a little mia...but i'll try my best to keep this thing we've got going...because i like it. and i like you too.


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  1. I'm so glad you went with your gut and moved on it :