I'm jus sayin...a Rant on Responsibilty

where in the hell did we learn this bull shit that even if you don't like doing something you should still do it? 
as if the more unhappy, uncomfortable, unsatisfied you are the more responsible you are.  "just stick with it. "you'll learn to like it." "after all, that is the responsible thing to do." well im here to tell you its bull shit. i dont like doing things that are unfullfilling, boring, redundant and rooted in paperwork. im sorry ive tried...for like 15 years. and im tired of feeling bad about it.

so now what? i feel like standing up and the reading the memo from jerry mcguire. i know it was a movie but i really think he was on to something. he risked it all, stuck his neck out there, fucked up, learned a valuable lesson and got the girl and the check in the end. i hear the voice in my head saying..."be realistic j." and i say back.. i know i have 2 mouths to feed and by no means will jeopardize that. but in no way does that mean that i can't take solid steps, measurable steps toward my own personal definition of happiness. no matter how grand, outrageous and blinged out it is.

and how responsible is it to put yourself in any position where you are unfulfilled, disrespected and unrecognized for your true talents? would we tell our children to seek out such a hell?so here's the big bird to the old idea, the lie, the manipulation, the down right abuse of responsibility. and here's a hug to the new responsibilty...the one that forces us to be honest and fearless about our dreams and desires. now that's real responsibilty.

hugs & holla backs


Inspiration Wednesday

i love IT when i just stumble into a rabbit hole of creativity. i was looking at one thing and saw a name and googled (just realized "google" is a real verb.) it and then found that name and next thing you know... so when i found this artist's work i was like oooh, aaah, wow, chuckle-chuckle, dam. 

a couple of the main reasons i love magazines so much are because of the clever illustrations and how they turn words into art. i confess, im a typography nerd and in another life i would gladly be a short balding white dude if i could do this kind of stuff. not to say joseph newton is a short balding dude. im just sayin its almost worth a pinky toe to have this sort of range and aptitude creatively and technically. ok, ill just stop while im ahead. 


and these are JUST his frickin' doodles!


One Cute Room Coming Up!

we've been living with my mother now for about 9 months. It's been a wonderful opportunity for Vincent and her to bond an a great chance for me to start rebuilding our foundation. With that being said, i believe it's time to start charting our next course. i have wanted to move to Charlotte since he was a baby when we lived in atl. its got the country feel with the city view. perfect for a chic like me.

i also know that for me i need to start seeing us there and the first thing i start doing in my mind is decorating. so as usual im in the mags and on line, but really i can think about my son's room. i think its so important for a child to have space they can make their own and take ownership for. and this would be, after almost 4 years, his first room. so its very important. no its most important. so here are some rooms that are giving me the oooh and awwe feeling.
he used to be obsessed with Toy Story. hes moved on to another hero but i still love this turquoise and orange palette! i could paint my whole house shades of turquoise. this one and all the ones below.
 i like how the table and blackboard invite activity and play.
as you can see i love chalkboards in this and the previous pic.
oh yeah, luvin maps too and how the globes are hanging. the color is kinda mature but the colors of the map and toys pop against it. a maybe.
and i love bookcases 4 storage and how it separates the the layout. a no to the waves. id ad dinosaurs and a table with chairs on the other side of the book shelves.
i love storage so much. id lower it for him. great use for a small space.
these 2 are the most modern and i love this last one so much. i want his room to be rough and tumble so i might swap the retro couch (personally i love it but not for him) for a boxed arm & back love seat. and the lamp is cool but wouldn't last a day. a fun sconce would be cute though.


Single Mom Poem

Its hard as hell 
finding time to blog. 
a list a mile long...
blew the whole 
3 per week thing. 
oh well. 
i did shower 
3 times this week. 
what would i do 
with out small victories?


Color, Design & Style Inspiration

Since picking up the Brides mag last month it is becoming a real staple for cute stuff. I like everything about their magazine except the dresses. odd. but anyway. ive gotten hip and am checking them out at the library. so much more bang for my buck and a real motivation to keep those astronomical late fees to a minimum.

anyway, this month's isn't actually this months. its from Feb of this year. but still just as cute as if it were this month's. these are some great color combos and not just for weddings. they're great for interiors and fashion. and the styling of the shoot is divine. so many goodies beautifully crammed into just one frame.

this colore makes that perfect coral that soft, fun and with a lil luxury AND the charles david lace, peep-toe booties are so sweet and slutty at the same time. yum.
 i cant say enough about how happy i am to see a woman of color in this ad. she is so beautiful and im lovin that they left her hair natural. not a big fan of the dress but the want to snatch the Badgley Mischka earrings straight off the page...can you say marrakesh?

 the bow on that Amanda Pearl shoe! too many things to pick just one.*
is she fly or what? i cant get enough of her (in the most hetero way possible). check the sequined Adriana Orshini earrings and Santi bangle.*

 i guess this could be called monochromatic but it has so much pop its def not mono on style.
 luv miss thang but the chenille chair is the stunner in this pic! i love a modern color on a classic piece. i had a pair of suede Bennetton penny loafers in the exact colors. i was a head of my time....(oh, snap out of it)

 they saved the best for last. this set up is oplulance at its best. can u say upgrade! yes, yes, yes to the whole thing.
and i think this is the best shot of missy also. well this and the bone is a very close 2nd. i dont think they could've picked a better model for this shoot. the details calls it retro chic. its just fab.

*i was unable to find websites for these designers but their items are in lots of various shops online.