Learning to Be Kinder to Myself

 Compassion is absolutely necessary as we allow beliefs that have manifested as separation 2 actually begin 2 heal & dissolve~Anakha Coman

Such a great quote via my fb friend and spiritual intuitive andrea beaudoin. its very appropriate today as i realize my journey as an artist is also one of excavating my authentic self. Its so easy to beat myself up for not being or doing all i can be or do. But as I become clearer as an artist, I become more accepting and supportive of who i am as a person (daughter, mom, friend, co-worker) and allowing me to be me fully with out apologies.

So let's take it easy on ourselves today. We sure as hell deserve it. SMOOCHES!!


New Logo & Confidence Coming to a Blog Near You

 Since the Flying Lessons course I've been working to up the anty on my art business. We (I mean "I") often can come up with more reasons why we can't do something rather than looking for creative solutions that fit our budget, skill and sensibility. Well I've been moping around because I didnt have a professional logo. And since I didn't have a logo and because I didn't have a logo I couldn't  get business cards and other marketing materials for M2BM. And since I didn't have those things I wasn't a real business and nobody would buy from such an amateur and blah, blah, blah....I know cry me a river right.

Well something finally clicked in this hard skull of mine and I decided to...do it myself! What a novel idea. Who would have ever thought I could make my own log?. But then again, who better to design the most accurate representation of me and my creations?

So I've been really excited this week as I've been building this little baby and even though its in it's early stages I'm liking where it's going. Unfortunately, I sometimes get caught up in wondering if others will like my art instead of making what my own heart mandates. But this logo is all about me saying who I am. Not just with the name of my business but creatively. And it feels very true if you know what I mean. And that makes me feel all warm inside like I'm already successful. And that always feels good. So the lesson today for Jenny is...do what feels good and it will be good enough.

Talk soon and big love!


A Different Kind of Art

  (instead of cutting slices I just cut out the middle man and got a spoon ;-))

It may not be the prettiest thing. But it surely is the best tasting...I should say WAS...as it is no more. The Bible says an idle mind is the devil's playground. And while its not totally true here, but since I've been on my little hiatus my taste buds have been trying to get me into some real trouble.

So last night I bit the bullet and made this peach cobbler/pie. Then I proceeded to eat it for dinner and late night snack, and then a bite before breakfast...you know where this is going don't you? Needless to say it didn't last long. And I thought I would feel bad for being so greedy but I DIDN'T. It was the bestest!  And it wasn't hard to throw it together either. Here's my little recipe below in case you wanna dive in and experience the sweet, tangy, juicy succulence of peaches, sugar and butter nestled inside a warm and flaky crust.

2 pie shells
2 lbs frozen peaches (much better than canned)
1 stick of butter
1 cup of brown sugar
Cook for 45min to one hour on 350 degrees.
Cool and enjoy!

Yep, that's it. It so simple and yet soooo delicious. Should you try it let me know how it turns out. Well that's about it. I just wanted to check in with my peeps and share a lil' somethin' somethin'. I'm now gonna go take advantage of a little pre-bed time "me-time". Until the next time...SMOOCHES!


New Mini -Art and a Thrift Store Bargain

Well I finally broke down and turned my mom's kitchen table into my studio. Well half of it any way. The other half is for V's meals and play-do time. And boy what a relief. Since I'm full time stay at home with Vincent now there isn't much time to paint but I just wanted to be close to my things and get messy and boy has it made a difference in my little mood!

These are some little 2x3-ish pieces of cardboard that I cut up. I just love them little scraps turned treasures. and it felt good to start and finish somethings...doesn't always happen like that if you know what I mean with life and all. These were also fun because I wasn't thinking so dam much. Because I saw them as scraps it was easier to hold my harsh personal judgment at bay and that's always a good thing. And since I knew all my art stuff can become like gremlins in water so I really wanted to control the chaos so I set out my intentions to find some hand art storage and guess what, I did! I found the BESTEST almost 4' high storage on wheels from The Salvation Army for only $6! I love it when a plan comes together. :-)

Okay, gotta go somebody just woke up and wants "JUICE!". Talk soon BYE - SMOOCHES!


Houston, We Have Landed!

I'll start with y son's newest favorite thing to say to any and everyone who crosses his little path... 
hey you guys! 

I have really missed this little blogita and all of you and you and you too. And speaking of my little cubby hole, my hasn't she grown over the last week. Yay! I want to send the biggest teary eyed THANK YOU out to all of you who have commented lately and left your warm wishes and words of encouragement. I don't know about any of you but I've never felt like I was a part of something...but I do now and it is all its chalked up to be...as long as you don't ask me to drink some purple punch. :-) But truly I don't know how to put it with out sounding like a goof ball but I really feel each of you and I'm sending so much love to all of you. XOXOXOXO

Now to the business...tomorrow will be a week since we came back to NC. My mama has taken up "shackin'" with her new "boy" friend. (yes they are over 60 and acting like teenagers!) So V and I have the house to ourselves. Which is nice after living with family for the last year. We haven't been up to too much aside from visiting old friends and making sure Vincent's schedule stays consistent as possible. So we've been hitting up playgrounds and groups, ferris wheels and today we went to the pool and he had a BALLLL! I also found some art galleries so we'll tour those next week. And since I havent blessed my mama's house with the mess that is my studio (yet), I've been taking lots of pics of my little town...and since I've been carrying you all with me I thought I'd share some.

One of my BFF's boys & Vinny clowning around -i love that they're growing up together

and their super duper cute and cuddly sister Isabella (with her rib bone)

oh, the bliss of wallowing in sand when there's a perfectly good playground only 2ft away 

 its tobacco season in the country

the itsy-bitsy post office i used to go to with my dad when i was V's age

and there we are in the white house. and yes that's even more tobacco

had to include this one...he is intently waiting for the LG to blow the whistle so he can get back in the water.

I hope I'm not beating a dead horse but...I'm so grateful to this blog and you all. It has allowed me to stay connected when many strings are dangling every-which-a-way. Thank you again and I'll be back with more soon. SMOOCHES!!

Following My Yellow Brick Road

 (a piece i made when i was on the dawn of another trip and still very apprpriate.)

Vincent, our belongings and I will be hitting the road early Saturday and by 11am we should be in our new home (temporarily w/ my mom). If you don't mind, whisper a little prayer for us that we have a safe and happy trip. I can't quite put into words how I feel about this move. There aren't any right now. I'm planting my little mustard seed and believing it will turn into a beautiful garden. xoxo