Hello 2012 & a Quarter

It's damn near Easter and this is my first post and first painting of the new year. It's so cliche to start the new year in January anyway....yeah right. I've just been extremely busy in my mom-verse working on my other master piece, that it's taken a while to get these balls in the air. But I tell you no matter how long it's been painting and posting are still my loves.

So is this new painting. She kinda reminds me of me. And I rarely say that. She's a lil sexy with out trying and definately has some things on her yours truly. A great way to kick off the creative year..


  1. Hello there, fellow sister soul! I was inspired by your FGOTW feature on Fly. Actually, I felt like I was reading something I might have written. We have so much in common, down to the single mommy-hood, journaling, and artistry--even the subject-funky ladies with big hair, lol. It's encouraging to see a woman after my own heart, doing the most and doing it with grace, style, humor and matrix-like reflexes (sometimes I have to pull that lean waay back move to dodge what the world throws in my way) Keep letting your heart and son (sun) be your guiding light!

  2. Hello! Your blog is so intersting! What do you say about following each other on GFC? and facebook like?:X

  3. what an awesome painting.