Who Do You Think You Are?

I know, I know its been too long. I missed you too. My laptop had a virus, and then Vincent kinda sorta dropped it on the floor. Then my camera got wet and died. And I'm adjusting to my new job. Full plate right? But that's no excuse for not checkin' in with my homies.

And eventhough I have new art I haven't replaced my camera so I have no pics and Im bummed b/c I've found that opening up and sharing my art really helps me and even creates a sense of accountability...and you know my lil ADD mind needs that.

So instead of rambling on I'm posting a great article by a wonderful artist/coach that I plan on reading over and over again.I think, at least for me, when I ask myself this question it forces me to look at how my choices are either leading toward or away from my desired goal. A real kick in the tukkus. I really hope you enjoy it. SMOOCHES!

Who Do You Think You Are?

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