Been Gone a While...Catching Up

Hi U guys. I know it's been too long. All of my electronics decided to die at the same time and it's taken some time to get myself back up and running. While I'm not up to 100% I did get a new laptop (I highly recommend Best Buy open box items. I got a SUPER deal). so I can't complain. I'm realizing that keeping up to date with my gadgets has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Lots of good things have been going on and I've been staying busy. Work is good and V is thriving @ his new day care. (Insert random cuteness here.)
Sometimes I look @ him and still can't believe he's mine. He's like a human Chocolate Chip!

And yes he is a ladies man. LOL

I did finally get my new(er) car a couple of weeks ago and I'm still over the moon about that. It's an '04 Town and Country van.
This isn't it but it looks just like this. My camera's gone to digital heaven so I had to borrow this pic from C-list.
 Now, who in the hell woulda ever thought I'd be in a mom-osine....and like it. Really I love it. Its fully loaded and more than I could've ever asked for. For most of you who know I've been on quite a journey over the last four years...bcoming a single mom, job layoffs and various moves up and down the east coast. And I finally feel like things are coming together for us and it feels SOOOOO GOOD! And I'm learning to let it in and to believe that I deserve to have good things happen to and for me. It's funny how we can ask for something and not believe we can have it. But when I started to believe it could did. I thank abraham-hicks for helping to get that through my thick skull ;-).

I'm also taking my first online art class. Kelly Rae's class was my first ever online class and this is my 2nd and focuses on finding your own personal style. The class is taught by an extremely talented and generous artist named Wyanne. She's out of FL and I'm very excited about the class
Our first assigment...getting back to basics using good ol' crayons.  

Even though the main objective of the course is to help us develop our own style I believe that what I truly need is the support through techniques and support to have the COURAGE to express my own style. I hear HER and Im so excited to have taken the plunge and made the investment in me.

Well I guess that's  about it. I do have to make the donuts tomorrow so I better go pack my lunch and find out what I'm going to wear tomorrow. (I'll thank myself in the a.m. when I can get an extra 15 min).

More to come...smooches!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I just read your post and got a good chuckle from the Mom-osine comment. So many people make fun of me for my mini-van, but I will never go back.

    I have the abaham-hicks cd and I listen to it at work on my iPod. They have helped change my whole attitude on life. Good things are on there way for you!

    Heres to new blog friends *hugs*

  2. An investment in yourself is never wasted! I'm glad that you are so optimistic - keep it up. I'm sure that good things are on your way.
    I love the pictures of your little man, very cute.

  3. Colette5:35 PM

    I just love this entire post..Mr. Vinny and the new shiny mobile apparatus! Glad to be able to witness the journey!