Still Just Being

Well, um, its been about a week and a half since my last post and i really should be in bed but i was inspired by jenn lemen's blog and decided to take a lip gloss and comb free self pic/video(i tried to upload but took forever...still learning how to use it. but when i figure it out i will post it so you can see me in all my coo-cooness.). i really want to connect more with myself and others more authentically. i have to admit its been almost a week since i "liquified". i don't feel bad. i dont feel the same either and i dont think i want to. im a little wobbly with new legs but im very expectant.

and i have been painting. which is good. this is a piece im working on...or maybe its finished for someone very close to me. i didnt over think it or have a real expectation and i like how it turned out. 

well, its time for bed or im gonna end up watching the real housewives of atl for the umpteenth time. night night.


  1. Jennifer, I love your little cardinal - well, I love the entire painting. Good choice of colors. I also like the white circle thingies, gives me inspiration for using new objects to get paint on a canvas... Love the photo of yourself a lot!

  2. I enjoy watching the Real Housewives of ATL also, it's pure fun.
    I like you painting, the mixed media back ground is great, did you use a stamp for the white circles?

  3. I love your painting Jennifer! It has nice texture and colors!