you know what i hate? edges. i hate painting edges. i see other people's always peekin' and snoopin' around other artist's work...anyway i see these beautiful edges that just seem to extend off the page of the canvas. me. i dont even like to paint my edges. im not good with details. they overwhelm me. of course i like what "they" are doing more than what moi is up to. and i need to just do me damn it.

painting forces me push through my fears of rejection and notions of not being good enough. and sometimes i dont push though. i just sit there and stare at the canvas and decide...not tonight...not this week.
and other times...


  1. Hey Jenn, really like your work! I have to constantly push through the fear of rejection of my work and know that there are millions of people who have not yet come into contact with your work that will be so blessed when they do! So glad I stopped by, looking forward to seeing more....:)

  2. Thanks Amamanda, that means a lot! Art, as u know is so much more than a pretty picture. it gives us back to ourselves so we can have something to give back.

  3. Your Art is wonderful! Would love to have you on the new HAFshop!
    Handmade Artists' Shop