I'm the Fly Girl of the Week!!

Just poppin in to let you all know that this week i'm featured in on of the flyest ((hint, hing)) blogs in the blogosphere!! I have been following Andrea's Fly Girl blog for some years and am still hooked. She has always been and still is ahead of the game when exposing talented, stylish, ambishous and uber creative women of color.

she generously spotlights a Fly Girl of the Week, every week and this week IT'S ME!!!! you know we have not because we ask not. and sometimes when we ask we still think....nawwww, they ain't gonna pick me, little ol' me. but holla atcha girl!!!! she picked me for this week and im so over the moon.

so stop by and check me and Andrea out.


  1. Congratulations, Jennifer! I, too, would like to highlight you + your work on my art, craft + culture blog - www.onebrowncrafter.blogspot.com. Keep up the great work! Give me a shout if you want to be featured. Oh, and please tell all your artsy friends about my ongoing Call For Artists. Thanks!


  2. Hey Tracy, thanks for stopping by! im so glad we connected!