My First Blog Entry

Hi everybody! I mean its only me but I doing a little creative visualization. LOL. I just set up this blog, not my firtst...I was on another but was unable to access it at work, where I have the most. if any time at all to blog. But this is fabulous and am very optomistic that I will be able to keep this blog current.

Well let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer and I'm a single mom of the cutest two year old little boy I have ever seen. I currently live in the DC area but am a southern girl at heart and will be back there before the summer is up (Yes!). This blog is an eclectic mix of my life as mommy, friend, daughter and as far as this blog goes most importantly emerging artist. I have fallen in complete love with the mixed media collage and all its quircky unruly-ness.

I have been creative for as long as I can remember from clothes, writing, spoken word, photography...the list goes on. Whats different this time? I'm coming out of the perverbial "creative closet" and pursuing a livelyhood in the arts. Wheh I felt my chest cave a little when I wrote that. This is a huge transition for me and has many implications on so many levels, many if not all I will get into as we get to know each other.

Well I'm not gonna chew your ear off. I'll leave you with a few pics of my life. I'm so excited we met and am super jazzed about this next phase of the journey.

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