What a Girl Can Do w/ Feathers & a Glue Gun

It's me again...I'm still so excited to be here (squeal)! Okay I got that out. One of the main purposes of this blog is to connect to a supportive and encourageing creative community and even more personally for me - to learn how open up and share the sides of me I guard most close. With that being said, here are some pics of a birdcage veil I made for my dear friends wedding. AND it was my first one ever! I have to admit I felt like a proud parent watching it (and her) walk down the aisle. What is so funny is she was certain I could do it and I was absolutely terrified. Of course I procastinated for months searching for just the right feathers and scouring the net for tutorials. When I finally decided to bite the bullet I was shocked at how quickly it all came together.

I am like many artist, extremely critical of myself and work. But once she came by to try it on I have to admit I saw a glimpse of my own talent. It was weird letting myself having that moment. And its even weirder (is that a word??) sharing it here, but here it is...

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