New Mini -Art and a Thrift Store Bargain

Well I finally broke down and turned my mom's kitchen table into my studio. Well half of it any way. The other half is for V's meals and play-do time. And boy what a relief. Since I'm full time stay at home with Vincent now there isn't much time to paint but I just wanted to be close to my things and get messy and boy has it made a difference in my little mood!

These are some little 2x3-ish pieces of cardboard that I cut up. I just love them little scraps turned treasures. and it felt good to start and finish somethings...doesn't always happen like that if you know what I mean with life and all. These were also fun because I wasn't thinking so dam much. Because I saw them as scraps it was easier to hold my harsh personal judgment at bay and that's always a good thing. And since I knew all my art stuff can become like gremlins in water so I really wanted to control the chaos so I set out my intentions to find some hand art storage and guess what, I did! I found the BESTEST almost 4' high storage on wheels from The Salvation Army for only $6! I love it when a plan comes together. :-)

Okay, gotta go somebody just woke up and wants "JUICE!". Talk soon BYE - SMOOCHES!


  1. Love these little guys. Funny how using inexpensive materials can make very impressive and satisfying work.

  2. I love these! I haven't been over to check in on you since the big move. I'm happy to see you and your little man made it safe :)