Learning to Be Kinder to Myself

 Compassion is absolutely necessary as we allow beliefs that have manifested as separation 2 actually begin 2 heal & dissolve~Anakha Coman

Such a great quote via my fb friend and spiritual intuitive andrea beaudoin. its very appropriate today as i realize my journey as an artist is also one of excavating my authentic self. Its so easy to beat myself up for not being or doing all i can be or do. But as I become clearer as an artist, I become more accepting and supportive of who i am as a person (daughter, mom, friend, co-worker) and allowing me to be me fully with out apologies.

So let's take it easy on ourselves today. We sure as hell deserve it. SMOOCHES!!


  1. Wow ... I must say, this is interesting, because I wrote about this very thing this AM ... check it out on my blog.


  2. Amen! I completely agree. It's easy for us to beat ourselves up when we actually need the opposite. We should always allow ourselves grace. Why do we forget that so easily?

  3. i think as you start to follow your true calling, you become truer to yourself and others. no need to fight everything. how exciting.