One Cute Room Coming Up!

we've been living with my mother now for about 9 months. It's been a wonderful opportunity for Vincent and her to bond an a great chance for me to start rebuilding our foundation. With that being said, i believe it's time to start charting our next course. i have wanted to move to Charlotte since he was a baby when we lived in atl. its got the country feel with the city view. perfect for a chic like me.

i also know that for me i need to start seeing us there and the first thing i start doing in my mind is decorating. so as usual im in the mags and on line, but really i can think about my son's room. i think its so important for a child to have space they can make their own and take ownership for. and this would be, after almost 4 years, his first room. so its very important. no its most important. so here are some rooms that are giving me the oooh and awwe feeling.
he used to be obsessed with Toy Story. hes moved on to another hero but i still love this turquoise and orange palette! i could paint my whole house shades of turquoise. this one and all the ones below.
 i like how the table and blackboard invite activity and play.
as you can see i love chalkboards in this and the previous pic.
oh yeah, luvin maps too and how the globes are hanging. the color is kinda mature but the colors of the map and toys pop against it. a maybe.
and i love bookcases 4 storage and how it separates the the layout. a no to the waves. id ad dinosaurs and a table with chairs on the other side of the book shelves.
i love storage so much. id lower it for him. great use for a small space.
these 2 are the most modern and i love this last one so much. i want his room to be rough and tumble so i might swap the retro couch (personally i love it but not for him) for a boxed arm & back love seat. and the lamp is cool but wouldn't last a day. a fun sconce would be cute though.


  1. I'm looking the all the rooms I'm kinda in the same place looking for cute space for my girls go and check out it's a great site if you any funky rooms let me know you know the blog!

  2. Hey, love your style and desire to make your and your son's space a reflection of you. And, btw, turquoise and coral orange happen to be my favorite colors, too.