I'm jus sayin...a Rant on Responsibilty

where in the hell did we learn this bull shit that even if you don't like doing something you should still do it? 
as if the more unhappy, uncomfortable, unsatisfied you are the more responsible you are.  "just stick with it. "you'll learn to like it." "after all, that is the responsible thing to do." well im here to tell you its bull shit. i dont like doing things that are unfullfilling, boring, redundant and rooted in paperwork. im sorry ive tried...for like 15 years. and im tired of feeling bad about it.

so now what? i feel like standing up and the reading the memo from jerry mcguire. i know it was a movie but i really think he was on to something. he risked it all, stuck his neck out there, fucked up, learned a valuable lesson and got the girl and the check in the end. i hear the voice in my head saying..."be realistic j." and i say back.. i know i have 2 mouths to feed and by no means will jeopardize that. but in no way does that mean that i can't take solid steps, measurable steps toward my own personal definition of happiness. no matter how grand, outrageous and blinged out it is.

and how responsible is it to put yourself in any position where you are unfulfilled, disrespected and unrecognized for your true talents? would we tell our children to seek out such a hell?so here's the big bird to the old idea, the lie, the manipulation, the down right abuse of responsibility. and here's a hug to the new responsibilty...the one that forces us to be honest and fearless about our dreams and desires. now that's real responsibilty.

hugs & holla backs

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