Inspiration Wednesday

i love IT when i just stumble into a rabbit hole of creativity. i was looking at one thing and saw a name and googled (just realized "google" is a real verb.) it and then found that name and next thing you know... so when i found this artist's work i was like oooh, aaah, wow, chuckle-chuckle, dam. 

a couple of the main reasons i love magazines so much are because of the clever illustrations and how they turn words into art. i confess, im a typography nerd and in another life i would gladly be a short balding white dude if i could do this kind of stuff. not to say joseph newton is a short balding dude. im just sayin its almost worth a pinky toe to have this sort of range and aptitude creatively and technically. ok, ill just stop while im ahead. 


and these are JUST his frickin' doodles!

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