Letting 'em All In

I've been going through stacks of old projects this week. Unfortunately I have Neva Good Enough syndrome. So I realized I was completing projects with out feeling any pride or sense of accomplishment. No matter what I felt like a failure. In turn I'd turn my attention else where ending up starting over or resigning to do things that I was passionate about because I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing I did was was worth two cents.And it didn't help that I had interests all over the board.

Well, the past two years have been full of learning and letting go. And while I'm def a work in progress I'm learning to accept and acknowledge myself. And with that, I also realize that whether than try and limit my interests I'm gonna let 'em all in. So in the spirit of putting it all out there and lovin what are...with one eye of some things I've done over the last five years. 
Interior Design
This was my first room for my good fried Deanna. c. 2006

A "soft" zen dining room for a client in Atlanta. c. 2007

The living room for the same house.

This was my last project before I moved to DC in 2009. As I look back I kinda like it.
 Kid's Room Hangers

I made these for one of my bestie's little boys.
 Wall Art
c. 2007

c. 2007
c. 2009 @ a Park in Greensboro

c. 2009

c. 2007 Atlanta

c.2007 Atlanta

The last 3 pics were taken in my good friend's beautiful backyard. I still really like these picsc. 2007


  1. Hi Jenn...I am loving this post! Wow! You have quite the talent and for someone who felt like they had the "Neva Good Enough" (Love the way you put that!) syndrome, you have accomplished quite alot!!! I can relate to this so much as I think I am the founder of that syndrome and battle it all the time! I am fighting that especially now as I have been asked to illustrate a series of children's books and those blank pages stare at me and say, "Who are you to do this? It will "neva be good enough." I think we artist people have to deal with that across the board and everyday is the challenge to silence that negative voice and kick it to the curb! By the way, I love the look of your blog...very classy. If you get a chance, pop on over to and read my new post about taking on this new challenge. I appreciate your comment on my wildberry girl blog, were the only one!! I so appreciate you and am putting you on my sidebars as a favorite blog...peace to you, my friend and keep on doing what you are are on the right path!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement B! as artists we crave self expression but shutter at the view of our own honest reflection. we gotta get to lovin' who we are since we can never be anyone/thing else. SMOOCHES!