Unexpected and Kinda Cool

some how i found the ranky-dankiest laundry mat to wash my comforter. it was just me an this old man who looked like he moonlighted as Santa during Christmas. but after i got my quarters and wash going this place started to take on a personality of its own. so here's what it looks like when me & my iphone stumbled back in time.


  1. I love love laundromats and feel instantly safe when i'm inside one..Strange I know..My mom did not own a washer and dryer until i was about 5 or 6..I used to go to the laundromat with her all the time..It was one on one with mom, quality time as they say today..I used to get inside the big washer drum and try to spin..I'd help my mom fold..the smell of detergent wafting around seemed like heaven and warm

  2. Sandra, i thought it was just me. when i was there it felt like i was back in time. i cant put my finger on the specific memory but there was something comforting about it too for me...hmmmm very interesting. i had never thought about it like that. thanks for posting!

  3. That laundromat looks pretty lovely actually, I would love to snap photos in it. ♥

    The Cat Hag