Teach me...Teach me how to Jougie

well folks we're almost half-way around the track of 2011. i dont know why it seems like the older i get the faster the year goes by. and because of this i find i really have to get my ass in gear to get shit done. i have also realized its ok if some things fall by the wayside.

like laundry...i washed it & dried it one weekend...and then it sat in 2 big heaps on my bed until this past weekend. and guess didn't bother me one damn bit. and when my munchkin needed his spider man underwear we just rifled through and bam there they were.

you wanna know why letting my room look like a laundry mat was just okie dokie with me?

a couple of weeks ago a vision of a circus performer juggling balls popped in my head. i saw him lightly tossing balls in the air, as he effortlessly caught another. and it dawned on me that it was ABSOLUTELY impossible for all the balls to be in the air at the same time. that little epiphany was like a huge gust of wind to my stale, dusty, old idea of doing it all.

and to take it another step i realized that a juggler...i think...starts with just one ball and then introduces another and when he's comfortable...then another....and another.  tell me...what fool just tosses all the balls up at one time and gets anywhere but hit on the damn head?

yep, that would be me. with my head tucked under my arms trying to escape my own foolishness.

since i became a single mom i've just been throwing it all up in the air and hoping...praying...NO begging that everything would just stay up there long enough for me to wipe my ass in peace and take a quick nap. well you know what happened dontcha? i ended up being one tired and pissy mamacita.
 all the bells went off in my head when i realized i had confused being a juggler with being a gotdam magician. you know a magician is only someone who spends a lot of time making you believe there are no strings attached to that hovering ball.

well im happy to report that now, aside from the bumps on my head, i'm a decent juggler for the most part. and when one ball falls, i stop, pick that one up and start back at it again. OR i  just leave that lil m-effer right there and pick it up later. and if they all fall, well maybe it's time for a cocktail. and i have to say im getting into a rhythm, day slave, artist, wanna-be-blogger, aspiring business woman, soon to be sex goddess (as soon as i get my stomach smaller than my ass).
and im cool with leaving the dirty dishes in the sink over night, wearing the same bra 2...or more days in row AND getting to work late just about everyday. and you know why...cus at the end who really gives a fuck about all that crap anyway. the only three balls that count are living, loving and laughing. so ha-ha-ha damnit.


  1. I've left many of laundry baskets full of clean clothes just sitting in my room. I figure the world isn't going to end if I don't fold them and put them away. :)

    I enjoyed the read. Lovely artwork as well. Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

  2. Life is so much better once we figure out what really is not worth worrying about.
    Fun, honest post.

    And the lady in the painting looks like she agrees.
    Beautiful art work.

  3. Hey ladies! glad to know y'all are out there. its good to know im not the only one!!