Say Cheese!

i had a really bomb personal, professional moment almost 2 weeks ago and u know i have to share.

i had been looking for a photag to help me get my pro image going. of course i went to my bestie Craig's List and hit pay dirt with Bessie. she's this amazing and photagrapher/humanitarian/beauty queen AND mom. and she's from the you know we hit it off right away and had a great shoot.
here are a few of my favs...there are many more but im not gonna make you completely gag with my ham-ness...

You know I realize now that i was wanting "others" to take me serious as an artist so i could then take me serious. and that shit had me really fucked up. have you ever felt like you needed to know how something was going to turn out before you moved forward? I think its a kinda common thing...which was good because when i realized it wasn't only me i knew i could do something about it...and this photo shoot was just that.

ive also put my money where my mouth is in a few other things and i'll be sharing somethings from the lab verrrry soon.

She also took some pics of me with my art....

And of course here we are at the end of the shoot...
Aren't we lovely? ;-)

I'm so thankful for the experience of moving forward with my 'em feet and wing's. and i know that when i take one step...the Universe takes like 10. and that feels really good.


  1. Beautiful pics! I came across your blog via your FGOTW feature on Fly. I'm a big fan of Fly and I'm also a big fan of Bessie, your photographer! I didn't even know she was a photographer, actually! LOL. Multi-talented lady. Anyway, I love the creativity I see in your posts and I'm enjoying your blog so far :)

  2. Hi GG! thanks for stopping by.i love Fly & Bessie and i really love how my creative circle i is taking shape and glad you're becoming a part of it.

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I do love how clean the photos look...your look is fresh, simple and beautiful..I love how your hair color contrasts your eye shape...very nice.

  4. Anonymous7:20 AM

    very pretty!