Embracing Different Perspectives

Hey y'all! We're one week into the new year and there have been so many good changes, inside and out. I really want to thank all of you who stopped by and left such warm and beautiful words. I am still in awe of the ripple of support and acceptance born out of our Flying Lesson. I love all of y'all and look forward to this year's journey.

I was working on this piece at the end of the year and even scanned in the pics. But am just getting around to posting them here (embracing my procrastination).

After I finished the background, I started turning this piece all different directions to find the best position for my text. Then I decided to pull out a matting with a 5X7 opening to play with some different views..and i was pleasantly surprised. So here are my top 4 combos.

with out the view finder




I ordered my printer  and paper last week so I'm excited to try them all out!

Speaking of perspectives, I'm so grateful to how the softening of my shell and the allowance of forgiveness has just begun to shift how I see myself, my circumstances and my gifts. I am humbled by this process and so anticipating all that is to come this year.SMOOCHES!


  1. I LOVE all the yummy textures in this piece! The colours make me happy too!!!

    Could you please send me your address (again). I`ve looked for it all over and I can`t find it :(

    I want to send your prize to you! Please email me at:

    Thank-you and HAPPY creating to you this week! :) xo

  2. Beautiful! I love the colors and texture.

  3. I love all the colors in this. Your blog is great.