If God Loved Stilettos...

Well I got back from Greensboro subbing before my perm class starts and am just getting back in the swing of things. So I just wanted to pop in and say "Hey" and let y'all know what's been up with me.

I just finished posting the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever owned on Ebay for sale....I feel (a little) like Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac. I know that's a little bit dramatic, but dam they are the most goregously stunning pair of metallic, snakeskin, platform sandals..and they are comfortable TOO. And I'm just hoping God will light a burning bush and tell me its all a cruel joke.
"Jennifer, those shoes look sooo good on you, you must keep them for eternity. And oh yeah, go out and get a dress to match....this I command of thee." 
Eventhough I got them for Christmas post having Vincent, they still represent the life I'd like to have again at least a little itty bit. But the reality is I spend more time in my Crocs and since I've been out of work for about six weeks now and while the wheels are turning and I'll be going back to work in a couple of weeks I need the money now. On top of that my laptop has caught the equivalent of  HIV and I can't even get online so I've highjacked my mom's laptop to get some things done.

I've got some other things cookin in the kitchen but tonight I'm just having a little seperation anxiety, so I thought I'd give a shout out and see if I could get a materialistic, shop-a-holic, used to be hot mama, shoulder to cry on. If not it's ok too. I've got a cocktail and hot shower waiting and that should do the trick too. And for those of you wondering what my babies look like here's a stock photo to drool over....
For once 6" is really a lot.


  1. I'm not even sure I can still walk in 6" heels... I used to, but that seems to be another life...

  2. What beauties, I think I onced owned a pair as well ... I love this post and the sacrifice!

  3. you should hang on to those!! even if they are just displayed beautifully in the closet most of the time...