On my second glass of wine and...

I've been thinkin' about this process Im in of finding my authentic voice as an artist. Then it dawned on me, with the help of my friend Merlot, I don't need to find her. SHE is not lost. I need to find more ways to allow her to come out of the basement closet (I thought she'd be safe there). So I, along with my

  trusty apprentice (yes I have kidnapped the entire table. thanks mom) have been making a mess and making some major head way...
washing dishes and...

eating molasses soaked wheat toast and blueberries while we watch Toy Story for the 33rd time. And I've even found some time to paint (ill have pics in a couple of days).

And it has been a real blast. You see I'm a master of imagining the worst possible scenario and then filling my mind and body with enough anxiety to make people refer to me as a royal B.

I don't know how they could think such a thing about yours truly (hee-hee) but I can honestly say I'm a little nicer since I've let "her" out to play.

BTW, a community college called me today while me and my sidekick were out playing on swings. She wants me to start work on Monday. Part-time but its sure better than no-time. I guess there are a few side benefits to deciding to chill the eff out.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely pix and congratulations on the part-time job. Community college sounds good!

  2. your apprentice looks like a great companion! :)