New Magnet Art

Hey sweet peas! I got my lil schmookie down and managed to upload pics of some new art I'm working on and thought I should take advantage of this rare time with my laptop.

I started working on these a few weeks ago out of sheer necessity. They are quick (I'm result not process oriented) and cheap. And since I'm on a budget I canuse what I've already got (paint, cardboard box, a dull pair of scissors - yay!). I also needed some reminders that could slap me back into the reality and kick my inner critique to the curb. All I had to buy were the magnets to cut and adhere to the back side. So with out further delay (since I'm about to start stalling)...

whoever they are....

sometimes I wonder...

good question. sometimes I know the answer...

They're all roughly about the size of my BlackBerry. No two are the exact same size though. I like the imperfectness of them. I really need visual reminders and lately the sweet  fuzzy affirmations haven't been working for me. If you don't know by now I shoot from the hip and these little sassy fridge magnets are doin' it for me right now. 

Since the pics are uploaded I should be posting them on my Etsy page tomorrow (I'm going to veg out on HGTV when I finish this post). And speaking of Etsy, I'm thinking of starting a new shop specifically for these little bugars ( I have more and lots of ideas for more - some for mature eyes only...oooooh). From a business standpoint, I don't want to mix apples and...walnuts. But we'll see. It would mean coming up with a new shop name and the whole marketing shabbadoowhop and I don't have the time for my current shabbadoos.

Anyway I just wanted to put them out there with my test group. Not too much else brewing besides still looking for a job....which is a whole other bag of wollybodydingdong (sorry, I had to get that out). But I'll keep y'all posted. Smooches and night-night!!


  1. Very cute. The color combinations are great. I like the little swirls in picture 2, but I LOVE saying No. 1!

  2. Antoinette Vogt11:27 AM

    I need to "Stop asking for their permission"! Love that. I also love the word "shabbadoowhop." Make a magnet out of that word, maybe: "get your shabbadoowhop in gear" or something. I could use that reminder!