Love Changed My Life...New Art

I've been working really hard to find my own unique voice as an artist. And after my little mental BM post last night I feel "lighter". And this morning while rifling through some magazine pages I found the boost to get my booty moving. I'll post the close to finished or maybe finished pic tomorrow on my FB fan page but I thought I'd share some process shots. I always love how artist show how they get from one place to the next in a mixed media piece so....

It's late I don't feel like adding captions but I really loved all the magazine images. and layering the heart with tissue paper. And the trip part is I started this piece TODAY1 I am usually a slow worker but when I work quickly I don't have a chance to second guess my choices. Well that's it just wanted to share and I always get excited with new art....more tomorrow. PEACE OUT!


  1. This is beautiful! I love all the colors. I've thought about you a lot after your last post and was close to send a comment and just check on you. I know, sometimes it's just good and relieving to vent, so it seems that it helped you a lot. See what you created!!! Wonderful.

  2. beautiful and so thought Provokeing

  3. looks like your inspired! :)