Color and Pattern Inspiration

What a great looong weekend! And boy did I need it. It was a real treat to have 4 days off and just piddle around...loved it! While I was out I made a stop by one of my favorite spots Tar-jay and of course saw some things I really loved but was so struck by some of the fabulous tribal patterns and color combinations. I was like WOW and so inspired I had to snap a few shots to share. I really love when everyday items can express personality and creativity. And what can be more everyday than a cute sundress @ Target. Accessable art I call it.

Please excuse any fuzzy or crookedness...I was trying to snap the shots and run behind my 2-year old who has discovered the endless fun of hiding in the clothes racks. I guess that's what I get for not getting a shopping cart/containment unit - LOL.

A cute maxi dress with these pops of tangerine and fuschia on a brown background no less!

Love this one too! all of my favorite colors.

The geometry and shapes are so beautiful

These swirls and orange and turquoise remind me of Miami!
My co-worker came in wearing this so I had to snap a pic and add to the Love list. LOL

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    love all the beautiful patterns. i hear ya on the chasing your two year old around the store. i can't even let my two year old walk in a store, she would run off thinking it was funny.