More Thoughts on the Tribal Trend

I was thinking about my previous post and got to thinking about a few things...

I know I must not have enough work @ work today but oh well. I just think the "trend" of tribal prints is very thought provoking. First, these gorgeous patterns are not new by any means. They've been around longer than most of us. So somwhere along the way these patterns catch the eye of the Oscar de la Rentas of the world and are picked up by haute couture designers and become all the rave. Next, a year or tow goes by and more affordable brands pick up on yet-to-be trend and make it accessible to the masses at affordable prices.

And the thing is the Political Scientist in me is a little up in arms about the cheapening of a culture (that we know so little about). I know thats sounds a little Angela Davis but you know what I mean (i hope). The big wigs make, call it cute and the next thing you know Martha Stewart is donning a tribal print headband in a Kmart commercial. But the thing is, as an artist and lover of fashion I feel they finally tapped into something worth putting on any and every item imaginable for as little as $5.99. These colors are so vibrant, patterns so unexpected...and to be able to have them at your fingertips is a real blessing. Finally visual stimulation as the norm. And as an artist I am always in awe at how artist are inspired. And what is more inspiring than these mostly hand made and hand dyed elaborate garbs made by people who by comparison to most, live a decidedly more simple life. And I must admit (secretly) I would stand in line all day for a lime green and magenta tribal print plates and bowls set. As a matter of fact I think I'll go look for one now! Gotta love the duplicitous nature of us all.

african fashion week

photos by Justine Kurland - STUNNING!

diane von furstenberg runway

authentic east african dress

oscar de la renta


  1. I am loving your blog - so much inspiration!


  2. thanks Aimee! Being new to blogging i love when folks stop by and enjoy. stay in touch!