Toot, Toot! Honk, Honk!! Beep, Beep!! (an aha! moment)

(Pic by Kim Carney/MSNBC)
Over the last few weeks I've been practicing my flying with a very special e-course. And I have to admit I have maid some strides in setting up many of the systems she's been talking about. I set up my blog (of course), newsletter & FB fan page. So now I'm on to my Etsy page and BAM all four of my tires went flat.

I've been staring at my screen for the last hour trying to right a description for one of my mixed media pieces. I am paralyzed by thoughts of  "is this right, original, finished, inspirational, good ENOUGH? It's really got me pacin'.  Plus, I feel this pressure that if I don't put the perfect script no one will buy them and theyll be lost in Etsy land forever.

I just thought I'd share today because I'll tell you following your dreams can be a dirty job. You know I'm a champ at championing others. I can see the best in an ax murderer or a paper with just two crayon marks running down the middle of it. But ask me to say something glowing about myself and I draw a complete blank. Part of it I think is being a raised as a good, southern Pentacostal girl. "Never brag on so vain." The other part is I wasn't applauded much as a child. More attention was paid to what was wrong than right.

But you know what? I think this is as good a time as any for me to start stepping out of old thinking and believing. It might start out sounding kinda sqweeky, but with some practice I'll be blowing a trombone in no time. I owe it to myself really to tell the truth. Since that's what it is.
These pieces were created with heart, to inspire me and anyone who put their eyes on them. The colors and textures are meant to accent your home or office. And they make great gifts as well. They are reminders, and Lord knows we need them, that we are good, special and loved.
Oh snap, did you just hear that? I think I heard a little toot-toot and it sounded kinda good! OK my pretties I gotta hurry back over to my Etsy page while I've got some air in my tires!

p.s. - thanks for listening. I couldn't have done it with out you. Smooches!


  1. good for you! :) good luck on the esty postings! don't put too much pressure on yourself. you'll figure it all out!

  2. i think your description is PERFECT! reading descriptions like that has caused me to make that final decision about buying something many times. you can totally get a little peek at your personality. my favorite line: "they are reminders, and lord knows we need them, that we are good, special and loved."

    i am over here STRESSING about my about me page! writing about me is not my cup of tea:)

  3. this post made me giggle in a good way. I am stressing over writing descriptions for my etsy shop too. At the moment I only have the rings I make listed, and I want to add some personality to them. I've done one, and am stuck. I love what you wrote for yours :)