Greeting Card Art

Uhm, okay, i kinda got something i wanna show you. i'm so inspired by artists who have the balls to post their works in progress and you know i want to start putting on my big girl pants and opening myself up the way so many of you have. so here are some works in progress (be gentle) i did this past week. I have for as long as i could remember wanted a line of greeting cards that were quirky, sassy, inspiring and most of all beautiful. i have 2 card ideas series so far and examples of the some of the copy is below...

"Imagine" series which is very sweet
outside card - "Imagine you are completely loved, supported and accepted."
inside card - "because you are."

"The Hard Truth" & it's a little tongue and cheek
outside card - "Don't take this the wrong way but..."
inside card - "you are absolutely fabulous."

the more i look at them, the more i like them. which means my lil goblin has settled down since he realized I was gonna do this with or with out him. so now ill move on to trying out some text and fonts on my computer. and hopefully by the sometime in July ill have some sets of 4 (one left to scan in) to put on my etsy shop...which needs some serious life breathed into it. but thats another story.

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