Mama's Got a New Pep in Her Step

"Fall in Love with Your Life"

Hey gang! Well, I started (all be it 2 weeks late) the much...and i do mean much...anticipated Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons e-course. And let me tell you it has set a well needed fire under my hind parts. She is a wealth of information and inspiration and to be in the presence of other artists who are on the same path as I am is so worthwhile. BUT I must say the single MOST BESTEST thing Kelly could have ever done for me at least was to post a video that in two and a half minutes gave me the validation I needed to do something else Kelly talks about...commit.

I have always been the big dreamer and risk taker in my circle of friends and family. Whether a cliff or a curb I was usually there for the jumping. But since having my son almost 3 years ago there has been this ongoing inner and outer struggle between being a "good/responsible" mom and super big dreaming artist.

"Your're a mom now no time for dreams of your own." and "How selfish of you to even consider it - grow up." were constant sentiments ringing in my head. While my inner child cried out to be recognized, acknowledged and nurtued in my daily life. Neeless to say this struggle was beginning to lead me into a very lonely and closeted creative life.

But baby, Mama's gotta a new song (see below) to sing now. I can do both. I must do both and even better yet there are many more ass-kickin', car pooling, dish washing, creative Goddess moms out there with the same issues as lil ol' me. And even though I don't know them I feel their strength and I wanna give a little back to them as well.

That brings me to another part Flying Lessons talks about...community and how vital it is for the artist to thrive. I'M NOT ALONE! And I'm not a bad mom because I want to send my son away for a few days so I can go half way across the country to meet, greet and get messy with art. I now know this is God's work in me. And its my responsibilty to show my son the courage it takes and joy it brings to live life on my own terms. So I want to send a big shout out to my mentor and mommy 2B Kelly Rae...Thank you for giving me back to myself. SMOOCHES!!

Ooh gotta love Miss D in all her white (even though the coat is just a tad frightening?!)


  1. i am still laughing about the comment you posted on my blog:) it's nice to "meet" you through your blog. after reading a bit of it, i have decided that you are just the kind of person i would love to sit down and have a conversation with:) i'm going to look around some more...

  2. i love your past, and the diana video at the end is a perfect match!!

  3. I agree with Holly! I love the way you express yourself, it makes me smile. I'm off to continue exploring your space.