Mixed Media and Mommy-ing

I'm just getting home from being out all day. I put an ad on Craigslist for a graphic designer to help me with some of my art and possibly give me some lessons. Well I got a lot of hits but one guy stood out & I met him at Panera Bread today. So guess what....this sweetheart of a guy installed the newest Photoshop on MY computer! I am so thrilled. He also showed me some good things and we are gonna meet once a week till I move back to NC. I was so full of ideas by the time we finished.

Well, while I was having a grand old time Vincent was missing his nap. He did pretty good for a 2yr old strapped in a stroller for an hour and a half.(insert mom guilt here).So now here it is 6 oclock in the evening and guess what...HE'S TAKING A FLIPPIN' NAP! Can you believe it??? Pay back really is a bright faced two year old. Its gonna be a looong night. But he's sooo cute!

Always one to turn lemons into a great lemon cocktail, I decided to take advantage of the rare me time to scan some drafts in to my computer. I don't have as much to say about them besides sloking at them too long makes me a little uncomfortable. But I'm working on that.


  1. ok, i am two posts in and i love this one too! i have a 16 month old:)i LOVE the piece with the verse from timothy!

  2. thank you so much holly. I'm new to the blog 'hood and it feels good to be welcomed by a fellow mom artist goddess.

  3. really like your stuff!

    craigslist can sure be great, can't it. i found a cello player there that is accompany-est to me often and now a friend as well!