What do YOU want?

A billboard @ the metro stop where I work. The small print even had a message it reads "Create your own legacy." While on my way to work this morning I was chewing over my current life and some things I've been going through. And by chewing I mean like a cow. Chew it, swallow it, throw it back up and chew it some more. So when I came up from the platform and saw this billboard (how many times did I walk by it?) I had to take a pic because it reminded me of what Abraham Hicks talks about. Keep your focus on what you want. The current circumstance is only a result of past thinking. So if I want a new future my thinking has to change now. I love it. Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. hey- how do i find your etsy shop? i wanna see it!!

  2. nice bill board. so meaningful for you.