Glittery Nail Alert

if you dont know...i loooove nail polish. i did a stint as a nail tech in the early 90's and being a lover of color and expression...nail polish is a great and inexpensive way to show off your personality. so in honor of me getting my creative mojo going i decided to find something inspired my katy perry fame.

and boy did i find it.
 this is one of the colors from orly cosmic FX line for the spring. and this is what temptalia had to say about It’s Not Rocket Science

"Intergalactic, Planetary"

"it's an olive green base with darkened chartreuse and teal shimmer. It looks rather chartreuse-y at some angles, while in others, it almost looks emerald green as the teal comes into play."~temptalia

 then i added this silver sparkly stuff and...
 BADOW!! i know my iphone doesnt do it justice but trust me its like a 3-dimentional rabbit hole. you already had the green, turquoise thing goin on and then with the silver on top of was like looking at a vegas night sky. i love it sooo much. i say WAS because you know it only lasted a few day. i wash my hands a gazillion times a day. but i will say this, because of the glitter its really easy to paint over the chips and you can't tell AT ALL!

well that's all for now.

hugs & holla back! xoxo

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