Oh yeah, i left this out...

since i posted yesterday i couldnt shake the feeling that there were some things i left out. honestly, after writing and re-writing i realized i had stopped editing my words and started editing my voice. i didnt want my mouth to write a check my ass couldnt cash. so i punked out jus a lil bit. and wasnt that the point of what not to do in the first place? so fuck it. so here's what i didn't say in part 1.

1. i understand this blog is not going to be everyone. no blog is. you may think it boring, scatter brained, foul mouthed, just plain too much information or all of the above. if you are one of those people i have to tell you...and i mean this in the best possible way...peace out. i wont miss you and im kinda looking forward to turning some people off.

2. if you think you might want to hang out here with all your dreams and fucked up-ness this is what you are liable to find.
  • im a growth and development junkie and i love squawking about my aha moments
  • im also a glam-hog. if it's shiny and expensive i probably like it. so pics on top of pics of high priced stylish interiors and fashions...that i plan to one day own will surely show up here
  • you'll get a really-do look at my life as a single mom raising the cutest, smartest and loudest most demanding 3 year old on the planet.
  • my creative mumbo jumbo...i'll post new and old, paintings, furniture, poems, cringing
  • id also like to feature creative people i find inspiring...such a looooong list
  • uhm, uhm i cant thing of anything else. but to cover my bases...anything goes
i really want to get up to posting multiple times a week and have these catchy titles for weekly topics.  but we'll see how that goes.

i think that's enough for now if i think of anything know ill let you know.

hugs & holla back

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  1. Good for you! Love this post and the one before it:) I'm definitely still in!