Introducing....My Dreams

y'all know i was hesitant to put a picture of my vision board up. if you've ever wanted more than what you currently have you know why. these dreams are like my babies. except they're not babies anymore. ive nursed, nurtured and cuddled as much as any over bearing...hyper-critical...super opinionated...yet well meaning mother can. 

it's their turn to take center stage. to stretch their legs and run and to fly. they don't belong to me anymore. they are apart of the gifts i was given so i can gift them back. the board and lists below are not conclusive. i am sure i am still holding on to the youngest most tender ones. but their time will come too...and soon. but for now let me introduce you to my Dreams.

i have ALWAYS wanted to travel the world
these rooms are me to a t...and remind me of why i love interior design...sooo much

the cutest room for the cutest little boy...this is by far the most important picture on my board!

this is a pic of an artis studio....that id give my pinky toe for.

a quote by Tory Burch that is so me.

love the quote and that beautiful Michele watch.

"O" took spirituality mainstream but Debbie, Byron and Iyanla are some of the major pioneers.

i love the way he's kissing her forehead....

in the short term i intend to...

get back into interior design
go on an artistic and/or spiritual retreat
guest blog on a popular creative/ growth and development website
have 500 blog followers
move V and me to Charlotte and in our on space
have my art sold in two retail spots
create and maintain a healthy eating and exercise routine
appear as Fly Girl of the Week
perform on stage
be a part of local art exhibit
become certified in an energy/healing/coaching modality
attend a creative writing workshop
take a vacation in a tropical local

now that i'm warmed up here are some of my even bigger...scared to whisper dreams

be a contributing writer and artist for a national magazine
become 100% self-employed as an artist/writer/speaker
create a one-woman stage show
try my hand at stand-up comedy
meet the man of my dreams and build a new family
work with one or more of the leading spiritual leaders (anyone from Hay House!)
create a successful line of home decor and accessories
spend at least 3-4 months out of the year living abroad
have a stylish luxury wardrobe

with love,


  1. A GREAT vision board!! You and I are alike in that we have A LOT of goals in various areas :) I need to update my own... I usually do it during January but that month seemed to slip right by me! Here we are nearing the end of February and I still haven't gotten to it.

    You've inspired me!

  2. @Nikki im glad it got ur juices going! and i realized when i accept my "scattery-ness" i can find common threads so im going for them all.

  3. Yay!!!! Love your vision board and your clear intentions for the future. Awesome - and all those dreams are totally coming true! :)

  4. Dreaming big is the best way to go, I love your vision boards, you go for it girl :)

  5. What a great board, and a great post! Woohoo for dreaming big! :)

  6. Wow, it is so great that you are sharing this with us. I'm truly inspired by your board and all of your goals. Thank you! BTW, did you see Iyanla on Oprah a while back? Wasn't that great?

  7. There is so much power in doing this! You're gonna be blown away when you look back on this next year and see how much of it is your reality!!!

    xo & big time belief in YOU,