Magazine Dreams...The Spring Issue

okay, so i love magazines. i mean i really love them. before i bought diapers, i bought magazines. and lots of them. as a child my mother shopped thrift stores almost exclusively. so when she was rifling through racks and piles of second hand treasures i was over in my own world ravaging through stacks and stacks of out-of-date Teen and National Geographic magazines.
that girl to the right is our own Ms. Whitney Houston!
still one of my favorite covers...iconic.
 Yeah, that's one hell of a spectrum. But they were both my eyes to this very overly protected, pentacostal, country girl's world. i realize they were how i learned to dream.

well, not much has changed. accept for the fact that a special little someone is out of diapers and i now have a few extra coins to myself. so this weekend i splurged and bought TWO whole magazines. and all i did for the majority of the weekend was devour them...one scintillating page after another.

so this post is ode to a little girl learning to dream again. and what better way than with my home girl Oprah and the fashion obsessed Lucky. and i was also pleasantly surprised to find some really inspiring things in Martha Stewart's Real Simple Weddings. And the crazy thing is i NEVER look at wedding mags but the line at walmart so dang long and my son was flirting with the lady behind us. so i was just browsing. and boy did i see some some of the most colorful and juicy things in there. who would a thunk it? it also got me thinking about some of those OTHER dreams...if you get my drift. but later for that. enjoy the visuals and have a great week. ((hugs))
Lucky Mag
all are from O except shoes they're Lucky...if i just had someone to carry me around when i wore them.
O Mag
Real Simple Weddings
Lucky Mag


  1. ok..i am going to buy the wedding mag just for the colors..thanks for posting.

  2. I love magazines too..always have..I get way too many sent to the house but I can't stop..Love ur post..