Sharpening the Saw

sooo its an accomplishment in and of itself that i found time to post twice in one week. i think its been twice. its been twice in the last seven days. that's good enough for me. i also stole away an hour or so for myself today. im hiding out at the barnes & nobles until i go pick up my son from daycare. so ive gtot about 20 minutes to chit chat and if this post is short and pretty pointless...bare with me. i have no idea what im whats gonna come this..i know you understand.

ive got a lot going on lately and all the balls in the air are making me a little pissy. So i ran through my mind trying to figure what the dealy was and i was surprised with what i came up with. 

its me. simple huh. i have changed. im changing. im dreaming again. im stretching again. im asking again. and like the blade being sharpened on the stone it is really rubbing my nerves.
circa 2008

i recently used this same analogy with one of my adult students before i had my lil aha moment. he was frustrated at not knowing some pretty basic grammar principles. i told him he was stretching and learning something that his mind is trying to reject because it has known something else for sooo long. i told him to breathe and be patient. that it would click soon enough and he'd test out of my class and be one step closer to his high school diploma.

i realize my students (and everyone close to me) are some real teachers for me sometimes (all the frickin time). i want to be a better painter now. i want to be a full time artist now. i want to feel like im on my true spiritual path now. i want to have income that allows me to finally move my son and me out into our own space NOWWWW. and don't let me get started on my personal life.

c. 2008

and in all this wanting and recognizing what i don't have i started discounting what i have an artist, as a mom, as a spiritual seeker.

so i want to take a minute to acknowledge all that i...and you are doing. i know what i want sometimes seems so far from where i am. but i have to realize that my (our) blade is getting sharper with every action i (we) take toward my dreams. so my advice to myself today  (and some of y'all too)
  1. breath
  2. chill out 
  3. stop taking everything so effin serious
  4. find some time for yourself (even if you have to hide in a closet)
and then hopefully we'll find things are really going better than we know.



  1. :) Thanks for sharing with us! That's alot of writing! Makes me feel strange. I'm going to get to my blog or try to I need to update it.

  2. I know how hard it is..but I am trying to accept myself..just the way I am..I like to see the oddities and imperfection in nature.. so why not in me? oddball art is my why not love the oddball that I am?..let's hear it for..Like ourselves for the little old selves that we are day!! ps..always LOVE ur blog.. very thought provoking..

  3. I so needed to read this, to hear this to get this & to breath cause HE's got this ... and HIS way are far greater than .... well you know! Another Awesome post